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Tobias Toys & Trains is the Brainchild of Mark Tobias, the proprietor. This website is a way Mark can bring his inventory to a wider audience, and have control of the information discussed. Through this site, you can view and buy from the inventory, offer items to him for sale, read articles on collectibles Mark has authored, or contact Mark to discuss topics you have need of expertise in.

Mark is a seasoned and knowledgeable dealer, broker & consultant with 40 years experience, who specializes in vintage toys and trains. He collects antiques and has knowledge in many other areas. His passion is helping folks dispose of their lifelong collections. He was an auctioneer for 35 years and knows hundreds of companies that are good and honest and many that are not. His services help avoid the pitfalls of making a bad choice.

On occasion, he will broker pieces and collections, if that is what is best for the clients. Mark can help prep collections for auction with inventories and appraisals, put them together to maximize auction returns.

In addition, Mark is available to vet for auction houses as he has written over 100,000 cataloged lots and personally grades over 50,000 pieces per year.

Mark lectures on many subjects and is an animated and inspirational public speaker. Call to schedule him to speak at your event.

Contact Mark to discuss the possibilities!



If you have a significant vintage toy or train you want Mark to sell, here are some of the guidelines for this service:

1) The item or items must be valued by Mark at a minimum sale price of $1000.

2) For this service, Mark receives 10% of the gross sale price, from you, the owner, and gets 10% for bringing the buyer into the deal.

3) Choosing this service gives Mark Tobias an exclusive right to sell, which has an expiration date on the contract. This means if you sell it yourself, before the contact expiration date, Mark is due his commission on the sale from both sides.

4) It is preferable that Mark takes possession of your item(s) if its feasible, so buyers can be shown at will. For collections, You, the owner, must make the item(s) available for viewing by buyers, with a reasonable notice from Mark. 

5) There are many variations in the brokerage contract, so Contact him directly for references and to discuss the possibilities and his availability as it relates to your situation.

AUcTION Planning

We can handle any collection, large or small

We can handle any collection, large or small

Overwhelmed with selling Your collection?

We can help in many ways

These services are complex and available at many levels. We can appraise or estimate your collection; write up inventories. If time allows, assemble and prep the collection, so it is ready for the auction company.

We can even sort & write the collection into auctionable lots, so the auction house only has to photo and upload the listings. We only perform the service that makes economical sense for you and your situation.

Depending on the collection and auction house chosen, Mark may not have to charge you for advanced services; the auction house may pick-up the tab; It all depends on the quality, value and/or the organizational level of your collection.

Contact him directly for references and to discuss the possibilities.