Mark guarantees the originality of the pieces he sells, unless it is listed as "AS-IS".  Operation is mentioned, but Mark only has a bench test area, so expect to make some adjustments when operating on your layout.  Most locomotives will be lubricated and made to run with full functions, but for the most part, these pieces haven't been overhauled, or professionally cleaned inside. We can send anything out for repair, as a service for you for an additional charge.  Please call before buying for an estimate, as no returns are accepted based on operational longevity, unless listed with a warranty. 

Mark will try and answer questions as fast as time allows, and get information as fast and accurately as possible.  Shipping and handling charges are non negotiable, though we try and be frugal with packing.  As this is only a small part of Mark's responsibilities, please be patient with shipping speed, 7 days is normal for him.  He works out of state several days each month, so it depends when your order is placed.  We prefer to ship via USPS, but can make arrangements to ship UPS if necessary, but may delay shipping time. Shipping quotes are estimates only, any over-payments over $5 will be refunded automatically. If we under estimate shipping, rare as it is,  the shortage must be paid for before items are shipped.  Layaway and time payments are negotiable.